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    let’s be honest here, who would ‘t cheat in chemistry

    next level cheating.

    this is some naruto shit

    It’s like that episode of soul eater

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    Leading Men Age, Leading Women Don’t | Vulture

    There are more charts if you click through.

    I’m so glad this info graphic is going around, because so many people don’t realize how ageism and misogyny play hand in hand and how the sexualization of young girls play into this.

    Santoine: This is an important graph I felt you all should see and understand

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    • What they say to kids who want pets: Are you sure you're not just saying you want one because all your friends have one? Remember, it's not going to be small and cute forever, it will grow up eventually! It's a living being that will depend entirely on you for the rest of its life. Are you really sure you're ready for this?
    • What they say to adults who DON'T want kids: Oh, you'll want one sooner or later. Everybody does, after all. Besides, babies are soooo cute, aren't they? You'd better hurry up before you get too old!
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    the best feeling in the world is when your teacher says “these essays/papers sucked” and getting yours back with a “nice work!” and a lil smiley bc success is so much sweeter when you know others have failed 


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    s1 sam can be summed up with this scene from phantom traveler where he nearly does a 360 turn hovering around dean like a nervous baby chick


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    literally my favorite opening of any bones episode ever

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  7. I’m also a killer. I’ve killed a lot, and if I need to I’ll kill a whole bunch more. If you don’t want to get killed, don’t show up in front of me.
    Actual quote from Ferguson “law enforcement” officer and 35-year police veteran, Dan Page. But hey, let’s keep focusing on all those unreasonable “looters and rioters” (via odinsblog)

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  8. @Charlie_Carver: At work, but don’t give a damn- @damonlindelof deadline I accept your #icebucketchallenge [x]

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    Drew some switched Disney pairings for fun ^o^ !

    And Also the Ariel Twins lol.

    hope u guys like !